Dolphin Facts

Below are some of the facts about dolphins:

  • Dolphins are cetaceans, small toothed, and have a typical curved mouth, which is how they are identified at first sight. This curved mouth gives them a look like they are smiling.
  • There are total 36 species of dolphins. They are found in all oceans, and dolphins feed on meat.
  • Dolphins live in the salty sea waters, oceans, and also in the brackish waters. The exceptions are the river dolphin in South Asia locally called Susuk, and the river dolphin of Amazon River called Boto. These two species live in fresh waters and rivers.
  • The most commonly seen species of dolphins is the bottlenose dolphin.
  • Orca is the largest dolphin and can grow up to 30 feet. The Maui dolphin is the smallest and grows up to 5 feet only.
  • Dolphins hunt for their food through echolocation, a technique which uses the high frequency sound waves they emit to hit their target and come back to them to help them calculate their distance from them. They feed on squids and fishes through this system. With echolocation system they can calculate the size, location, and depth and shape of their prey.
  • The bottlenose dolphin can emit more than 1000 clicking sounds per second for using echolocation.
  • Dolphins live in families and groups, are highly social, and travel together in groups of up to 12 or more. They communicate among themselves with various sound patterns like click, squeaks, whistles etc.
  • Dolphins are mammals and give birth to live offsprings. The dolphin female has many mates, and generally gives birth to only one offspring. The baby dolphin lives with the mother for up to 6 years of age.
  • The sleek body of dolphins make them graceful swimmers who can speed through the waters. They can travel in speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.
  • When dolphins see a ship or boat on water, they usually floats by its side and often jumps out of the water in fun. This kind of swimming beside ships is called bow-riding.
  • Dolphins rise to the water surface in regular intervals to breathe. If there is a fishing net, then they may get entangled in it, and may get drowned which results in death.
  • The female and male dolphins are called cows and bulls, and their babies are called calves.
  • Killer whale also known as Orca is actually a dolphin.
  • Dolphins use a blowhole to breathe, which is located at the top of their head.