Velociraptor Facts

Below are some of the facts about Velociraptor:

  • The Velociraptor is world known dinosaur now, thanks to Jurassic park and Jurassic world. However, experts suggest that that those shown in the film were not actually same like the original Velociraptor.
  • Peter Kaisen first discovered this species of Dinosaur in the Gobi Desert. It was 11th August 1923. The name Velociraptor was given a year after. The second species wsa discovered in 2008 in China.
  • The name is combination of two Latin words, Velox and Raptor. ‘Velox’ means swift and ‘raptor’ means robber. This name was given as they were very swift in catching their prey.
  • The main area where this species lived were arid sandy area. They lived during the late Cretaceous period.
  • In real life the Velociraptor were different from what was shown in Jurassic park. They were nearly about the size of a turkey. They had feathers and scales.
  • The average weight of a Velociraptor was about 30 pounds and they were about 3 feet tall when they stood.
  • The skull of the Velociraptor was large and on the upper surface it was concave while at the bottom side it was convex.
  • Apart from that it had long and narrow snouts. They also had two large shaped appendages that included three curved claws.
  • They also had a tail that was mainly used for maintaining their balance.
  • With the help of the claws this animal could not only catch its prey but also prevent them from escaping once they caught them.
  • The Velociraptor were carnivores and they were scavengers. They ate small animals like the reptiles, mammals, amphibians and evens mall dinosaurs.
  • They had 14 to 15 teeth in their lower jaw and about 13 to 15 teeth in their upper jaw. The teeth were sharp, serrated on the edges and widely separated from each other.
  • They were believed to be bipedal animal meaning that they walked on two legs.
  • The average speed that could reach by a Velociraptor while running is 40 miles per hours.
  • Among the different fossils about the dinosaurs one related with Velociraptor is most famous. There a Velociraptor was caught fighting with a Protoceratops that may have been potential prey of the animal.
  • Although it was covered with feathers but it could not fly, may be because of the small size of its arms.
  • Their feather was mainly used for attracting potential mates, generate heat during incubation of eggs and provide insulation.