Dinosaur Facts

Below are some of the interesting facts about the dinosaurs:

  • Dinosaurs were living on this earth for around 160 million years while humans are living only for 2.5 million years. That means Dinosaurs have ruled the Earth for 64 times more than humans.
  • Dinosaurs lived on all the continents including that of Antarctica.
  • The skull of Dinosaurs is lighter due to the presence of large holes in them. Size of some of the holes are as big as the size of cars.
  • The name dinosaurs is derived from Greek language that means ‘terrible reptile.’ The word was first time coined by Richard Owen, an English paleontologist in 1842. He meant mainly the impressive size of the animal and not it’s scary looks.
  • Dinosaurs were both carnivores as well as herbivores. The largest known herbivores was the Argentinosaurus that was as big as 115 feet in length and weighed about 100 tons. The largest carnivore is Spinosaurus, which could weigh about 20 tons.
  • Classification of dinosaurs is done based on different criteria, like what they ate, by their name, when they lived and by their size. Theropods were the meat eating dinosaurs.
  • While the sauropods were huge in size but there were dinosaurs that used to be smaller than even a pigeon like the Anchiornis.
  • The first dinosaur bones were found during the 1820s and it was of a Megalosaurus.
  • Dinosaurs are also divided into subdivisions like the Saurischia or the lizard hipped dinosaurs and the Ornithischia or the bird hipped dinosaurs. It is believed that the present birds are evolution of the Saurischia as they too had hollow bones like birds.
  • The dinosaurs were mainly cold-blooded animals, like the lizards, but research suggest that a few of them were close to warm blooded animals
  • During the period of end of dinosaurs reign mammals and dinosaurs were co-existing on this planet. Most of the mammals at that time were tiny animals who used to burrow.
  • While most of the Dinosaurs had walked over the Earth there were some like pterosaurs who used to inhibit in the air and there were plesiosaurs who lived in water.
  • According to the bone evidence it is believed that Dinosaurs have lived a long life something between 75 to 300 years.
  • Dinosaurs were not considered very brainy. Like the Stegosaurus was 30 feet in length and weighed about 6000 pounds but their brain size was just like the size of a ‘walnut.’
  • Dinosaurs had long tail that supported them while running.

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