Pterodactyl Facts

Below are some of the facts about Pterodactyl:

  • The name is derivation of a greek word ‘Pterodaktulus’ where the term ‘ptero’ means winged and the term ‘daktulos’ means finger. That means the the name Pterodactyl means winged finger.
  • Pterodactyl were so named because they had an extra-long fourth finger and it’s winged starched to the fourth finger.
  • It lived around 150.8 to 148.5 million years ago, during the later Jurassic period and believed that it was not actually dinosaurs. They were mainly flying reptiles
  • The fossils of this winged reptile is found in different parts of Europe including Germany and even in Africa.
  • The wing of the Pterodactyl was about 3 feet 5 inches. In the adult of this animal there were 90 conical teeth.
  • The fossils found shows that at different ages their body structure varied a lot and thus many scientists mistook them along with others species. Later, when specimen of all ages were found it became sure that all of these belonged to the same animal.
  • It is believed that present day birds may have evolved from the Pterodactyl but the fact is that birds are not a result of evolution of this animal.
  • While the Pterodactyl flew they flapped their wings and thus were referred as the ‘flapping flight.’ Before this the winged reptile could only glide and not fly.
  • They were not birds that is [proven by the fact that they walked on all four and not only on two like the birds.
  • French zoologists who was also known as “Father of paleontology” Georges Cuvier invented the word ‘pterodactyl’ and it was he who determined it as a flying reptile and not a creature from sea.
  • Up to now, no complete adult specimen of this animal is found and thus the length of the wings mentioned are just an imagination based on the specimen found.
  • They had crest on the top of their head and as they grew the crest too grew. It was a sign of maturity among the animal.
  • They were mainly carnivores who lived on sea fishes and other animals.
  • Although they had certain features matching with the dinosaurs but they were not dinosaurs actually.