Albertosaurus Facts

Below are some of the facts about Albertosaurus dinosaur:

  • They lived before 70 million years during the Cretaceous Period in area that is North America now.
  • They belonged to the tyrannosaurid theropod family and it is firmly believed that they were early relative of the well-known dinosaur T. Rex.
  • Albertosaurus Fossils are found in different parts of North America that includes Montana, Missouri and Nebraska.
  • Joseph Tyrrell, a geologist and a map maker first found the fossils of the Albertosaurus in Alberta in 1884. While surveying the Red Deer River he found the skull of a dinosaur.
  • The first fossil of this genus of dinosaur was found in Alberta Province of Canada and thus this name was given. It means Alberta lizard. Henry Fairfield Osborn coined the name for first time in 1905.
  • From head to tail a fully grown Albertosaurus measured about 30 feet and they weighed something around 2 tons. In size they were just half of their nearest relative the dangerous tyrannosaurus.
  • Irrespective of its smaller size it was as ferocious as the T. Rex and of course it is believed that it was faster runner than its cousin.
  • It was similar to the T. Rex as it too had two small arms with two fingers on them.
  • Compared to their body the head of the Albertosaurus was quite big. It was perched on a small neck.
  • The Albertosaurus were heterodont, meaning that depending upon the position of the teeth the shape of them varied.
  • They had 20 teeth at their lower jaw but the upper jaw boasted with 15 razor sharp teeth.
  • They had a long tail that balanced the whole body, specially their heavy head.
  • The eyes of the Albertosaurus was located at the two sides of the head, something that was different from the T. Rex. They might not had as good vision as the T. Rex.
  • They were carnivores and while the fossils were excavated they were found in groups. Thus, the scientists believe that the animals moved and lived in herds and they were not lonely animals.
  • While walking they could attain a speed on 9 to 13 miles per hours but while they run they could run as fast as 19 miles per hour.
  • It is also believed that the dinosaur Gorgosaurus that was named before 100 years of invention of Albertosaurus were nothing but the latter only.
  • They has small crest above their eyes that were brightly colored so that they can attract their mate.